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Dmitry Postrigan


2018 — present: Founder, CEO, Consultant at Fiber Logic.

Fiber Logic provides IP transit services and consulting services.

My unique skill set and vast hosting and datacenter related experience allow designing long term solutions to complex issues involving more than one area.

My day to day tasks at Fiber Logic are:

2003 — present: Founder, CEO, DevOps, Network Administrator at IT7 Networks.

IT7 Networks provides cloud hosting platform and solves complex region-specific network connectivity challenges.

My day to day tasks at IT7 are:

2003 — present: Founder, Chief Global Strategist at Atola Technology.

Atola develops industry leading equipment for digital forensic/data acquisition. We are the first company in the world to address the issue of forensically-sound imaging of damaged hard drives.

Over the years, my tasks in the company transformed:

2004 — 2006: Software developer at ActionFront/Seagate Recovery Services.

I developed and maintained an in-house data recovery platform. My primary tasks were:

2002 — 2006: Founder at MHDD Software.

I developed and maintained MHDD, the most widely used low-level hard disk drive diagnostic tool in the world at the time. It was (and still is) available free of charge.

I also developed a commercial version of the same tool, which allowed data recovery/firmware repair.

The tool was later acquired by a hard drive manufacturer on private terms.

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